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Gene Source UK launches with 50-bull portfolio

A UK-based breeding company will be founded this month, meaning beef and dairy breeders have a fresh option in independent and worldwide sires.

Gene Source UK will link with Californian company Glaz-Way Enterprises and DairyGen from Germany to offer a wide variety of genetics to cater many beef and dairy systems.

The company claims to have a strong focus on fertility, promising to ensure 30 million high-motility sperm cells are in each semen straw to maximise conception rates.

Co-founder Ryan Mcpherson, who will head Gene Source UK with dairy farmer and cattle breeder Chris Freeman, said: “Within our portfolio are bulls to suit every need, from intensive, traditional or grazing-based dairy genetics of every breed to grass-fed or concentrate-reared beef from native British or continental breeds.”

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A portfolio of about 50 bulls covers some of the world’s top herds from the UK, US and EU, including some commercial sires that have been proven in 2,000 head herds.

Gene Source UK claims sires have excelled on robust conformati

Golden Rose Rasberry EX91

Two sires – Roylane-KH Tango Rad and Roylane-KH Tango Reggie – are marketed by Gene Source UK out of Golden-Rose Rasberry EX91 (pictured) Golden Rose Rasberry EX91

on, conception and fertility, which has made them profitable while still easy to manage.

Back pedigree

A six-month sourcing period has secured sires with back pedigrees of 18 consecutive generations of excellent dams, said Mr Freeman.

He added: “It’s our firm view that dams make a difference and we see that if there is a fault in a female line, it will come back and bite you in future generations.

“That’s why we have prioritised depth of pedigree in our bull selection, while not overlooking the genetic indexes required by the modern producer.”

Two sires – Roylane-KH Tango Rad and Roylane-KH Tango Reggie – are marketed by Gene Source UK and out of Golden-Rose Rasberry EX91 (pictured above), the eighteenth excellent generation in her line.

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