Aberdeen Angus

Sire Name Calving EaseGestation LengthBirth Weight200 Day WeightFull Details
Figures quoted are the variation of their EBVs from breed average.
Melview Red Master BURGUNDY R2022.4 EasierN/A0.6 Lighter4 HeavierFull Details>
Oakchurch DESMOND R2011.2 HarderN/A1.3 Heavier9 HeavierFull Details>
Oakchurch DUKE N1213.9 Easier4.6 Shorter1.5 Lighter6 HeavierFull Details>
Melview GARETH K0535.3 Easier2.0 Shorter1.5 Lighter6 HeavierFull Details>
Melview GOLIATH G00911.4 Easier2.3 Shorter2.6 Lighter2 LighterFull Details>
Melview GORDON K0463.9 EasierN/A1.9 Lighter10 HeavierFull Details>
Melview GRANVILLE L0767.9 Easier2.0 Shorter1.3 Lighter10 HeavierFull Details>